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422 Beckett Road

45 lot Residential Development  Bulk Earthworks        6900m3 Retaing Walls            600m2 Road Construction    3100m2 Stormwater pipe        720m Sewer Infrastructure  290m Water Reticulation     490m As part of this development CEC also constructed 192m2 of block retaining wall with openings for letterboxes and electrical switchboards. This included close consultation with electrical consultants for installation of conduits, pits and to make switching a smooth process. Also working closely with the developers builder, CEC carried out detailed excavation and preparation of building pads, rear yard drainage and landscaping levels to deliver a ready to build product.

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10 - 20 Railway Parade

32 lot Residential Subdivision  Bulk Earthworks         8000m3 Retaining Walls          110m2 Road Construction     2100m2 Stormwater pipe         450m Sewer Infrastructure   740m Water Reticulation      280m This 23,700m2 development site was under Logan City Council jurisdiction and included bridging over existing asbestos water main running along Railway Parade. CEC also constructed the 200m2 bio-retention basin and supplied certification for council approval.

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988 Hamilton Rd McDowall

34 Lot Townhouse Development  Bulk Earthworks        7000m3 Retaining Walls         745m2 Road Construction    2350m2 Stormwater Pipe       1085m Sewer Infrastructure  585m Water Reticulation     595m Coastal Excavation Civil were engaged to complete this project involving removal of old dwelling and clear 9,600m2 of land making ready for new development. We carried out bulk earthworks and installed two new bio retention basins and stormwater infrastructure. Roadways for this project were a mix of coloured concrete (internal) and new Brisbane City Council asphalt road and verge. All this was done working closely with the clients builder as to expediate hand over process.  

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Blackwell St Hillcrest

Residential subdivision - Stages 1,2,3 and 4  Bulk Earthworks        74,000m3 Retaining Walls         2,250m2 Road Construction    7,100m2 Stormwater pipe        1,880m Sewer Infrastructure  1,810m Water Reticulation     1,270m As part of the stormwater upgrade was the closing of Blackwell St to facilitate the installation of box culverts, which CEC completed in under a week for minimal disruption to the neighbourhood. All stages included all turf, footpaths and live connections to council infrastructure for a repeat valued client. 

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142 Learoyd Road Algester

This project is the cumulative effort of Coastal Excavations Civil, Queensland Urban Utilities and SEQ Water coordination. After a series of sophisticated locating, vacuum excavation and potholing requirements new design changes were made to accommodate existing infrastructure not on common alignment. Entry and exit pits located on either side of the main intersection at 4.5m deep braced and shored, put in place to provide safe entry for the tunnel boring team. The 90m Tunnel Bore under the intersection of Learoyd and Paradise Rd Algester using micro tunnelling through shale & rock allowed for a 450mm Diameter Enveloper Pipe to be put in place. Effectively the Tunnel Bore at 4.5m depth under all existing services including a SEQ Water 1200mm Trunk Main went off smoothly due to careful planning & preparation. Overall there is 300 metres of Major sewer infrastructure under Learoyd Rd & Paradise Rd Algester Traffic Intersection, along Paradise Rd and Leroyd Rd to supply ...

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