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142 Learoyd Road Algester

This project is the cumulative effort of Coastal Excavations Civil, Queensland Urban Utilities and SEQ Water coordination.

After a series of sophisticated locating, vacuum excavation and potholing requirements new design changes were made to accommodate existing infrastructure not on common alignment.

Entry and exit pits located on either side of the main intersection at 4.5m deep braced and shored, put in place to provide safe entry for the tunnel boring team.

The 90m Tunnel Bore under the intersection of Learoyd and Paradise Rd Algester using micro tunnelling through shale & rock allowed for a 450mm Diameter Enveloper Pipe to be put in place.

Effectively the Tunnel Bore at 4.5m depth under all existing services including a SEQ Water 1200mm Trunk Main went off smoothly due to careful planning & preparation.

Overall there is 300 metres of Major sewer infrastructure under Learoyd Rd & Paradise Rd Algester Traffic Intersection, along Paradise Rd and Leroyd Rd to supply a new industrial subdivision and subsequent developments.

This was a great effort from the Team at CEC.